thenetworkone member agencies have the opportunity to attend a series of workshops each year on subjects of interest.

Upcoming Workshops

“What’s your dream with a plan for 2020?”


Dan Egerton, Founder of Actus Consulting, will look at the hurdles that often prevent well-run agencies achieving the sustainable year-on-year growth their owners and directors would like.  Over the course of the morning, attendees will build up a detailed picture of the major challenges to growth agencies face. Dan will share some innovative solutions that agencies, and businesses in other sectors, have employed to address these challenges and achieve rapid growth.

20th September 2019, London, UK

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Recent Workshops

The Business of Ideas

with Patrick Collister, former Creative Lead at Google’s creative think tank, The Zoo

28th March 2019, Milan, Italy


Integrated Storytelling

with Klaus Sommer Paulsen, Founder of AdventureLAB, a strategic experience design studio

28th February 2019, London, UK


Other past workshops include..

  • How to make your agency more profitable
  • Influencers: a new stream of revenue
  • Are you really hiring the right people?
  • Demystifying US market entry: for non-US life science companies

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