work for Ukraine’s agencies

thenetworkone has been in contact with seven independent agencies in Ukraine – ISD Group, KA. KA. HA, MainstreamOne Philosophy, [pep] Group, Tabasco, VIVID and Way

Some still have colleagues in Kyiv.  Many other people have sought relative safety in Western Ukraine, or Eastern European countries.

Whilst the charity offered by strangers has been incredible, nobody wants to be a burden and, Ukrainians would like to earn a living.

Can you help?

Do you have a project you could offer to one of these agencies?

It’s a digital world, they don’t need to come to your office! – unless you are in Eastern Europe and you would like them to. You would agree a fee and pay them directly for their services, like with any normal agency work – they would not need to be “employed” by you.

If you think you can help, please contact one of the following agency leaders directly to discuss your project with them.

Thank you!




ISD Group is a specialist communication agency group that works on complex 360 campaigns.  The group works with companies from around the world to create digital advertising projects through the use of technological craft and emotive creativity.  Services include:

  • Strategy and creative idea development
  • Content production (video, media materials, smm)
  • Design (identity, digital design)
  • Digital production (sites, applications)
  • Media launch and support

KA. KA. HA is a spatial technology shop within the group.  They work on a wide range of projects starting from small engineering tasks like building planetary rovers to, products/services based on AI and other emerging technologies.

They help the agency teams to finalize their ideas and fine-tune their concepts.

KA. KA. HA have delivered projects and feasibility studies for several top creative agencies around the world: W+K Asm, W+K NewYork, AMVBBDO, M&CSaatchi, McCan London etc.

Given the current situation, they would also welcome website development projects and other crafted components e.g. illustrations, 3D, so that they can support their team members.

Contact: Svetlana Mironchuk, COO




MAINSTREAM is an award-winning independent PR agency, which has been working for Ukrainian and international clients since 2004.

MAINSTREAM’s core competencies are:
  • Communication strategies
  • Reputation support
  • Employee branding
  • CSR strategies
  • Corporate Events
  • Media campaigns
  • Crisis communications
  • Political PR

The agency is experienced in the following sectors: agribusiness, banks and finances, chemical industry, consumer marketing, energy, industrial production, pharmaceutics, retail, steel and mining, telecommunications and IT and transportation.

Contact: Svetlana Sverchkova, COO




One Philosophy is a consulting group that future-proof brands, reputations, teams, and society.

The group comprises five agencies with the following core skills:

Be—it Agency

  • Communication strategy development
  • Communications campaigns and product launches, brand collaborations (concepting, planning, implementation), influencer marketing
  • Crisis communications & media trainings
  • Societal communications (CSR, social impact campaigns), awareness-raising and behavior change campaigns on social issues, lifestyle and social practices
  • Creative concepts (for digital campaigns, influencer campaigns, ad campaigns, creative pitches for agencies)

One Health

  • Healthcare communications (disease awareness сampaigns, patient communications, health-focused content marketing, strategic communications for medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and public organizations)

Solutions for People

  • Brand strategy and brand identity design
  • Customer journey mapping, employee journey mapping


  • Strategy workshops, culture programs (culture review and change implementation, culture integration into employee experience)
  • EVP and employer brand development (research & discovery, strategy development, EVP and employer brand model development, implementation programs)
  • Organizational resilience research, resilience workshops for leaders and employees


  • Public affairs and government communications with focus on public sector clients

Contact: Kristina Nikolayeva, Managing Director of Be—it Agency





Pep Group is a global creative asset and content production company with four service areas:

Content design and production strategies.  Production consulting, content strategy, shoot and project management.

High quality asset creation. Film, video, 3D motion design, 2DD animation, VR/AR. post production eCommerce assets and social assets.

Production, adaptation and versioning. Translation, transcription, pack replacement, retouching and voice & sound.

Asset management and channel delivery. DAM, broadcast, media, streaming (OTT), social, online, eCommerce

Contact: Mikhail Pimenov, CEO



Credentials: download Pep Group Creds



Tabasco is an award-winning creative agency that offers design (all kinds of design assignments), branding, digital design (banners, static and video banners), creative concepts (for digital campaigns, for any ad campaigns, and even creative pitches for agencies) and VFX (any work with video materials)

Contact: Yaroslav Ploshko, Managing Partner



Contact: Alexander Smirnov, Creative Director





VIVID is a creative content hub agency.  Whilst only 4 years old, they have won a silver Effie for their TiKTok project and, have Pepsico, Carlsberg, BAT, Stada, Nestle, Bionorica, Biersdorf, Kusum, Avon and Bella Trade as clients

Key services include, advertising, animations, social media, brand effects and hashtag challenges in TikTok, AR masks, national promos, non-standard pos materials and e-commerce.

They have a talented team of strategists, creatives, copywriters, designers, SMM managers, and an influence marketing team ready to take on remote projects.

Contact: Natalia Boronina, Managing Director



WAY is an agency offering brand identity, digital design, production (2D, 3D, footage), creative ideas, and web development/web design. Also we can do brand strategy, smm, targeting, and SEO.

Read their story here on LBBOnline

Here is some of their work:

Brand identity case

Website work

Video work

Experience in the health and social care sectors

Experience in real-estate

Social media marketing work

Work in support of Ukraine – Stand With – a humanitarian project and a documentary of real people and their war stories and experiences

Contact: Illia Balaban, CEO & Brand Strategist