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NFTs: The Future of Brand Experience

Guest speakers:

Sarah Lent, Chief Marketing Officer, VSA Partners

Curt Schreiber, Chief Creative Officer, VSA Partners

About this webinar:

In 2021, the Collins Dictionary made “NFT” its word of the year.  With sales of NFTs skyrocketing and everyone from artists to brands to athletes jumping into the space, use cases for NFTs are rapidly evolving—and signal enormous opportunity for those ready to dive in.

But what is an NFT?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens, meaning they are (usually) one-of-a-kind assets that cannot be interchanged. Whereas there are countless dollar bills, there is only one real Mona Lisa.

NFT minting currently focuses on art and collectibles, which represents a nonfunctional value. But as more creators, artists, and brands participate in  the NFT market, use cases and the ecosystem will grow. This in turn will enable a transition toward functional tokenization where you see more tangible utility derived by consumers—a functional value that bridges the digital and physical worlds.

When combined, the myriad cases for NFTs have one thing in common: loyalty via community building. By offering NFTs as part of their brand experience, businesses will be able to move their communities from members into brand owners, creating a shared experience in the investment of  the brands’ success.

Agencies and their clients should consider NFTs as the future of brand experience building. But where to begin? Find out how to jump into the tokenized future during this deep dive into the Future of Brand Experience.

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