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Webinar Wednesdays: Banter; making or breaking barriers?


Headlines about toxic workplaces around the globe often cite degrading banter (MacDonalds, the CBI in the UK, Nike, the video games company Activision Blizzard, and the Italian ad industry being the latest to have its #metoo moment)

And UK tribunals relating to banter are up 45% in a year.

It is an area that needs tackling – but it can be hard for organisations to know how to start.

There are many “grey” areas when it comes to banter and workplace humour – when does a “harmless” joke tip into something that is not Ok for example? How do you know when to step in and when to let something go?

In this interactive webinar with a Q and A session we look at:

• What is banter – and when is it ok and not ok?
• What is the impact of banter that crosses the line – how does it affect teams and individuals?
• What can organisations do to ensure banter doesn’t cross the line or escalate to bullying or harassment?

Stella Chandler, Director at Focal Point, specialists in managing inappropriate behaviour at work, leads this thought provoking webinar, drawing on the company’s own research into banter and its effects, and offering practical steps organisations can take.

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