Each week, we invite an inspirational industry leader to hold a digital seminar on key topics for independent agency leaders.

Next webinar: Wednesday 28th October

Do you want to know what it takes to build a truly amazing independent agency today? What’s the ‘secret sauce’ that inspires creativity, builds a unique culture, and has the clients lining up at the door to work with you?

If you want to know, set aside 55 minutes and, join us for The Independent Agency Showcase and be inspired by the leaders of three wonderful and very different agencies, from Finland, Spain and the UK.

For most of us, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that we’ve had to adapt business practices to the current environment of lock-downs and fewer face-to-face meetings.

So, with the help of our good friends at the 4As of America, The Observatory International in Germany, plus the AAR, and Codefinery in the UK, we have compiled a list of things to watch out for in pitches.

Paul Squirrell, Director of thenetworkone, will be joined by Robin Bonn, founder of Co:definery, a specialist management consultancy for agencies. They’ll talk through what to do and what NOT to do, when it comes to pandemic pitching.

If you couldn’t attend our previous webinars, you can catch up here: