Views from inside Ukraine

We received the following email from an agency leader in Ukraine asking for our support in the current situation.

Dear Julian,

We have launched our repository of truth about Ukraine – please find more information below.

I hope you can help us spread the word and promote ‘We are Ukraine’ among thenetworkone members, so they can be informed and have content they can easily share online. Let me know if you can include info in your social media and/or newsletters. We can provide necessary visuals and text.

Dear friends,

In the early hours of the morning on February 24th Russia launched an all-out military invasion of Ukraine by land, air, and sea. It is the biggest attack by one state against another in Europe since World War II. As Ukraine, the biggest country of Europe is becoming a zone of war, death, and pain, a zone of unjustified aggression, we are witnessing the destruction of an already fragile system of international security. At the time of this text being written, 2,000 Ukrainian civilians have become casualties of this war, including 38 innocent children. Over 1.1 million mothers with children have had to flee the country. In the capital city of Kyiv 15,000 people now permanently live in the depths of our metro, including newborns and preschool children.

By deliberately targeting its missile strikes towards the residential areas, Russia does not only want to take Ukraine’s freedom and destroy our democracy. It denies our right to exist. We want to live, and live peacefully. And not just now, always.

As they say, in the question to be or not to be – there is only one answer. And we choose to be. Once and for all.

We are a sovereign peace-loving nation that has committed the “crime” of wishing to be with the free and democratic world.

Make no mistake: Russia’s war against Ukraine will shape the future of humankind. If tyranny and brutal aggression are allowed to win, everyone will suffer the consequences. It’s no time to feel sorry for Ukraine.  It’s time to stand with Ukraine.

Since Russia has built the pretext of its invasion of Ukraine on a foundation of misinterpreting historical facts and obsessive lies, One Philosophy together with volunteers created WE ARE UKRAINE – a repository of truthful information, facts and opinions of Ukrainian and democratic world leaders about the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

‘We are Ukraine’ is your single resource for key facts and easy to share visuals about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war to be used in social media, publications, for speeches and events, and different forms of communications.

We are asking you to share the truth about this threat to peace and security in the world. In doing so, you will be standing with Ukraine in the fight for its freedom and your own. Together we will ensure a lasting 21st century peace.

How can you support Ukraine?

  • Spread the truth. Use ‘We are Ukraine’ content in your communications wherever relevant. Follow our Instagram page and share our posts and stories. It’s your way to become the voice of truth for your friends, co-workers and your community.
  • Boycott Russia. The most effective way to make the statement is to stop any cooperation with the invader: divest, exit the Russian market, stop serving Russian customers and buying Russian oil and gas, ban Russian companies from participation in your professional community and the global economy. Here are over 100 companies who have already severed their ties with the Russian economy.
  • Campaign internally. If you are an employee, you can organize a grassroots campaign and lobby your senior management for decisive action. Here is a template of a letter you can send to your management. Mobilize your colleagues around the world to send a similar letter as well.
  • Fundraise for Ukraine. You can offer your customers to buy a specific fundraising product or service, or donate funds to the charity organization that supports relief for Ukrainians. Here are some possible donation options.
  • Be Elon Musk. If your product or service can be useful to Ukraine in these difficult times, please supply it to the country as aid. If you produce digital products or services—consider providing them to Ukrainians free of charge.
  • Hire Ukrainians. You can provide additional income to gig workers and businesses from Ukraine, even if you are located across the globe. If you use freelance services, hire Ukrainians and support them with income in these difficult times.
  • Book Airbnb space in Ukraine that you won’t use but it will send money directly to Ukrainians.

Every person, every business, every organization has a role to play in stopping this ruthless, unwarranted, and unprovoked Russia’s invasion into Ukraine that threatens peace in the whole world.

If you have other ideas on how to increase the cost of war for Russia and help our cause, please be in touch.

This is no time for observation. It’s time to stand up and stop Russian aggression.

#WeAreUkraine #StandWithUkraine


One Philosophy team