When two countries disagree or, they enter into conflict over issues of importance to them, thenetworkone normally avoids taking a political position.  Often, it’s hard for us to know the full story, and we believe that other people and cultures may not share our perspectives.

The war in Ukraine is different.

Like so many people around the world, we continue to be increasingly upset, frustrated and angered by the news and images coming out of country – so we wanted to help.

thenetworkone has been in contact with the independent agencies we know in Ukraine. Many have staff who’ve chosen to stay in Kyiv, to fight or to protect relatives. Some agencies have helped their people to find a place of relative safety in Western Ukraine, Poland, or other Eastern European countries. Local people have been amazingly generous with their hospitality.

But nobody wants to be a burden on their hosts. They would like to work!  And they are talented advertising, design, digital communications, PR, and production people.

There is almost no paid work of this kind available in Ukraine now.

So, do you have a project you could offer them? For a normal and fair price or maybe an internship for a younger member of their team?



FROM UKRAINE to cannes

In a world of CNN style sound bites and political spin, a first-hand account is invaluable.  So, we were delighted to welcome two very special guest speakers to The Indie Forum, 2022 in Cannes.


Nataliya Popovych (left), Founder of One Philosophy Group, Kyiv and, Olga Lanovyk (right), Business Consultant , TABASCO, Kyiv,  joined Paul Squirrell to discuss the current situation in Ukraine, explore their hopes for the future and, explain what the creative community can do to help now.

If you missed us in Cannes, you can see a follow-up interview with Olga here.


TWO Perspectives

We are aware that in situations like this, there’s always more than one perspective to consider.

Often these views are not reflected equally, or accurately in the media (on both sides) – maybe through bias – conscious or otherwise, and sometimes through censorship.

So, we want to share with you, two emails from agency leaders – one from Russia and the other from Ukraine.

CLICK HERE to read views from inside Ukraine

CLICK HERE to read views from inside Russia


We offer our support to all the innocent people affected by this war in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

CLICK HERE to read thenetworkone’s statement about Ukraine