thenetworkone statement about Ukraine

Dear friends, colleagues and associates,

Since we started thenetworkone, we have avoided taking political positions as a company. When two countries, or parties disagree and come into conflict, it’s hard for us, thousands of miles away, to know the full truth. Rumours and fake news abound. We don’t like to take sides without knowing the full story – or to feel that people in other cultures and countries, should necessarily share our beliefs and customs.

But there are limits, and those limits have been passed.

We recognise that living in an aggressor country, does not make all its citizens into aggressors. We know there are many good people in Russia. We are fortunate enough to know many of them personally. We wish them well and hope they will use their talents and resources for good purposes.

Our small contribution

We are not sending guns or rockets to anyone. But we are sending funds – in fact, a sum of money equivalent to the income we have received from all our Russian agencies this year – to a charitable organisation, helping refugees from the conflict. Just to be clear though: it’s our money we are sending, not anyone else’s money.

The organisation is not partisan. It’s one which every country belongs to: The United Nations High Commission on Refugees.

Here’s the link to the UK branch:, with a link where you can also donate, if you wish. As a company, or as individuals. For sure, they will have a branch in your country too.

Can we do more?

It’s a small gesture but we hope it helps. Mainly though – our role in the world is connecting good people together, for good reasons and mutual benefit. And your role in life is creating and spreading communications that change people’s behaviour.

If anyone reading this knows of any way we can support anyone who is affected by the conflict, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help. Whether you are from Ukraine, from Russia, from the border countries or from anywhere else. This is not about judgments.

This is not only about giving money or food or shelter. It’s about seeing other people as brothers and sisters – and not as enemies.

It’s about NEVER starting a war, for any reason.

 Because we never want to see pictures like these below, ever again.

(This gallery contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised)




Julian Boulding

Stephanie Fox