sponsor: Five Blocks

Five Blocks is a digital reputation pioneer, serving as a trusted advisor to some of the world’s top PR firms, and the premium companies they serve. Working closely with a client’s PR, communications, and digital teams, we ensure that all reputational efforts are calibrated to an online world


We use big data and proprietary technology to create effective, holistic, and customized strategies, rather than just quick fixes, planning and implementing a deliberate search presence that best reflects our clients, helping them to take better control of the elements online. 


Typically, our PR partners will refer clients to us in crisis, but even after the urgent issue is solved, realize that a strong online presence will prevent further issues in the future and continue working with us on an ongoing basis. 


We provide webinars and in-house workshops to our partners to help keep them at the cutting edge of the latest in digital reputation management. 

Five Blocks was named an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in 2022, for the sixth time.







Sam Michelson, Founder & CEO