The Indie Forum

THE INDIE FORUM is an exciting series of inspiring, quick-fire, ‘TED style’ presentations and networking specifically designed for the owners and directors of independent marketing and communications agencies.

Like the Indie Summit, the Indie Forum is about learning, sharing and inspiration:

  • Learning: from world class practising experts in the key topics which define an independent agency’s business success
  • Sharing: meeting and exchanging experiences with other agency leader, during a coffee break or the evening cocktail hour
  • Inspiration: seeing and hearing about some amazing achievements and success stories, opening our minds to the ever-richer possibilities and opportunities of our business

After the success of the inaugural Indie Forum in Cannes, we hosted our second event this autumn. THE INDIE FORUM was held on Tuesday 29th October 2019, along with THE INDIE AWARDS, at the glamorous  Soho Hotel, London.


In 2019, we had a terrific range of speakers, each distilling their message into an intensive, 15 minute window:

simon rhind tutt, the indie forumSimon Rhind-Tutt, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Relationship Audits and Management. We all know the cliche: Creativity wins business, Account management loses it. Simon and his partners have analysed more than 5,000 client-agency relationships to see why they sometimes go well, and sometimes not. Find out what your clients don’t tell you, before they invite you to re-pitch their business.

tina fegent, the indie forum

Tina Fegent, Founder of Tina Fegent Consulting. You know the feeling. The pitch went great. You get the call: we love your work, but we need to talk about costs. You won the battle: can you win the war? Tina has extensive experience working for both sides. Is it possible to get to a win-win? Yes it is.. but you have to know how. Tina does.

ian winton, the indie forumIan Winton, International Partnerships Director, Crimtan. We all know about the power of digital lifecycle marketing to target the right people, in the right place at the right time.  But with legislative changes and cookies becoming redundant, how do you run impactful, targeted digital campaigns?  Ian explain how brands can now target more accurately relevant content in a post cookie environment.

maja pawinska sims, the indie forumMaja Pawinska Sims, EMEA Editor, The Holmes Report. Recently, PR has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons (think the Max Clifford and Bell Pottinger scandals), reincarnating the perennial suggestion that the PR industry is nothing more than spin. Maja, EMEA Editor of the world’s leading Public Relations platform, the Holmes Report, will discuss the ‘dark side of PR’ and how the often misunderstood trade can do a better                                                  job of selling itself.

nontokozo madonsela, the indie forumNontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. Nontokozo knows how critical it is to be distinct in a world of clutter. In her journey as a South African CMO, she has successfully battled all kinds of obstacles from shrinking budgets to boardroom discrimination.She will share how she works with her agencies, creating successful marketing and communications campaigns with modest initial budgets – earning the right to ask for larger investments, based on a                                                          proven impact on business growth.

Jack Skeels, CEO & Founder, AgencyAgile, Los Angeles. Jack’s career has included leading Sapient’s 105-person Los Angeles office and founding multiple startups alongside executive roles. He is a coach to executives, a thought-leader and evangelist to industry, and wakes every day driven to create a revolution in leadership and management practices, optimal organization design, and delivery excellence.

elli tuominen, the indie forumElli Tuominen, Founder and Strategist of Kurio in Helsinki. Everyone is talking about Creativity. Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence. Right brain, left brain, different worlds. Can you bring them together? Elli’s sell-out workshops were one of the major hits of this year’s Cannes festival. Come and discover for yourself.

lorenzo marini, the indie forumLorenzo Marini, Artist and Agency CEO, Milan. Lorenzo was Creative Director at Italy’s best known advertising firm, Armando Testa. Then he founded his own agency, now the Lorenzo Marini Group, with great success. But Lorenzo is also an artist, with solo shows and art installations like his recent Alphacube, creating a sensation from New York to Venice to Shanghai. So which is more important to him: art or business? And can                                                     fame in one field, create commercial success in the other? The answers                                                   might surprise you.

henry mason, The indie forumHenry Mason, Founder and Managing Director of Trendwatching. As an agency leader, you are always either one step behind your client: or one step ahead. Where would you rather be? Henry’s unique methodology shows how you and your agency can identify trends before others do and extract insights which will keep your client’s brands ahead of the game.

Tiffany Kelly, The Indie ForumTiffany Kelly, Founder of RoundTable Global. “Well, you know” – as John Lennon sang – “we all wanna change the world.” And yes, most of the young people in your agency (or the ones you want to join your agency) share that sentiment. But how many people live up to it? Tiffany does. Be amazed, be inspired, be fearless and be extraordinary.



We would like to thank the following companies, who provide services to the independent agency sector, for their sponsorship and support of THE INDIE FORUM.


Since 2009, Crimtan’s proprietary digital marketing technology and trading experts have delivered world class results to our clients. Crimtan’s Intelligent Display Marketing Hub ARCHITECT combines audience, creative and investment strategies that transform display advertising into personal experiences that grow customer lifetime value. From London to Sydney to Singapore to Dubai, we develop effective display marketing investment strategies for digital marketers across industry sectors. A single solution for all display channels, Crimtan delivers targeted, relevant messages and inspired campaigns that transform your business.
Instapanel is reinventing focus groups by making it easy to send out open-ended questions and show a variety of creative to highly targeted groups of consumers, and capture their responses on video using their own devices. We then transcribe, translate as needed, and analyse those responses to produce an interactive report outlining the insights found. Agencies typically work with us to inform and validate their creative strategy for pitches, to study customer journeys, and to market test their content and marketing campaigns globally.

Paprika, Agency Software Worldwide is an international organisation with offices in the UK, US, Australia, Singapore, Spain and Italy.  Our clients are based in over 20 countries, our software is available in multiple languages and our implementation team speaks over 10 different languages.  Paprika provides creative agencies with all the tools needed to stay on time and on budget.  Available as a cloud based system or can be installed locally and we offer system support around the world and across all time zones.


CreatorIQ is the leading cloud solution for global enterprises to manage and optimize influencer campaigns at scale. It is the platform of choice for companies like Airbnb, CVS, Disney, Edelman, Mattel, Omnicom, Ralph Lauren, Salesforce, Unilever, and other global enterprises. CreatorIQ offers a true end-to-end solution for social brand advocacy.


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