Terms and Conditions

thenetworkone operates with complete transparency. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us directly and we will be happy to clarify.

Our standards terms of business are as follows:

thenetworkone works with advertising and other marketing communications agencies in three main ways:

  • we provide the resources necessary for agencies without traditional networks, to compete for and win international assignments
  • we introduce new business from our own multinational clients and prospects
  • we effect simple referrals, when our continuing involvement is not required.

Accreditation of any agency by thenetworkone, implying an endorsement of the agency’s quality and capabilities, will be at the discretion of thenetworkone. If we decide to accredit an agency, we will not publicise that accreditation in the public domain without the agency’s agreement.

We recommend agencies to our clients, on the basis of our judgment as to the agency’s suitability for the assignment. We never commit the agency to accepting any assignment without the agency’s clear advance agreement.

If we introduce new client business to any agency we will charge the agency a commission of 7% of the agency’s fee, commission or equivalent income from the client(s) we introduce, for as long as we are providing active support to the agency in servicing the client’s business; or if this is not the case, for one year from the date of the first invoice.

Agencies receiving business introductions agree to report their income from these introductions to thenetworkone.

In case thenetworkone is also retained by the client to manage the client’s account, and in order to protect our own and our clients’ interests, each introduced agency agrees that on request they will sign a standard service agreement covering the usual terms expected by multinational clients, which will include:

  • confidentiality
  • financial transparency
  • the client’s right to intellectual property over work created for and paid for by the client
  • a requirement for the agency to adhere to the client’s international marketing strategies and corporate communications guidelines
  • a requirement to report activity using thenetworkone’s or the client’s intranet
  • standard indemnity for thenetworkone and the client against damage caused by the agency’s actions
  • notice period for the resignation of the client’s business and undertaking not to accept competitive assignments before the expiry of such notice

You can download our full terms of business HERE

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