Support Ukraine’s Agencies

Is this something you could help with?

We are all aware of the terrible situation in the Ukraine.

thenetworkone is in touch with several independent agencies in Ukraine. We were approached by Tabasco, one of the country’s leading creative agencies.


You can check their website, with examples of their work:


Some of their staff have chosen to stay in Kyiv, to fight or to protect relatives. But the agency helped most of their people to find a place of relative safety in Western Ukraine, Poland, or other Eastern European countries. Local people have been amazingly generous with their hospitality.

But the agency people don’t want to be a burden on their hosts. They would like to work! And they are talented advertising, design and digital communications people.

There is almost no paid work of this kind available in Ukraine now.

So here is our question. ..

Do you have a project you could offer them? For a normal and fair price?

Their skills include:

  • Design (all kinds of design assignments)
  • Branding
  • Digital design (banners, static and video banners)
  • Creative concepts (for digital campaigns, for any ad campaigns and even creative pitches for agencies)
  • VFX (any work with video materials)

It’s a digital world, they don’t need to come to your office! – unless you are in Eastern Europe and you would like them to. You would agree a fee and pay Tabasco for their services, like with any normal agency work – they would not need to be “employed” by you.

If you MAY be able to help, please contact the Managing Partner or the Creative Director of Tabasco, directly. They are:

Managing Partner: Yaroslav Ploshko:



Creative Director: Alexander Smirnov:



If we can help or advise further, please contact:

Read our statement on Ukraine – click here