Ted Lim

Name: Ted Lim

Position: Global Creative Consultant and Founder

Company: DIFF Creative Consultants

Country: Singapore


Ted Lim is one of Asia’s most respected creative leaders. The former Regional Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Asia-Pacific worked from China to Australia to produce Innovative Business Solutions in the digital, social and experiential space that get people to stop, stare and share. Work that is different and makes a difference from engagement to transaction.

His integrated campaign for Toyota got millions of views and TIME magazine’s attention, “This Toyota ad is utterly insane – and wonderful”. Other global brands he has worked on include Coca-Cola, IKEA, BMW, Dulux, Prudential, Adidas, Samsung and Singapore Airlines.

Ted was Cannes Lions Jury President, won the Facebook Award for Innovation, honoured by AdWeek as one of 13 global creative leaders whose ideas advanced advertising worldwide and is now an independent creative consultant for a tech start-up in the US, a creative agency group in Europe and a digital agency network in Asia.

He spoke at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, talked about “Simple Truths” at the P&G Asia Brand Managers College in Singapore, shared his thoughts on “When Data Meets Creativity” in Cannes and will be discussing ChatGPT and Midjourney, how AI will impact our lives and how we make a living, and why the future of marketing will always be human.

“We’re in the business formerly known as advertising and marketing in the experience economy has to move people to move business. Data tells us where the customer is. Media gets us there. What we do when we are face-to-face with the customer, that’s creative.”

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