Sam Michelson

Name: Sam Michelson

Company: Five Blocks

Position: Founder & CEO

Country: USA


Sam is a global leader in digital reputation management, providing counsel to leadership of major brands, corporations, and organizations. Over the past 13 years, Sam has built Five Blocks into the premier digital reputation management partner of many leading PR and Public Affairs firms. Aside from the professional relationships, Sam has developed close friendships with many of his partners, and has learned a great deal from them. 


With a BA in Psychology from Yeshiva University and a Masters in Management from Boston University, Sam has always focused on people. Sam believes that a company’s most important assets are its employees, its partners, and of course, its clients. 


Sam enjoys the creative side of technology and business, and is the inventor of two US patents – one in the area of self-tuning knowledge bases and text categorization, and the other in the field of interactive digital advertising.


Sam enjoys traveling, scuba diving, mountain biking, and photography. He is married and has eight children.