Jenny Chan von Meyenburg

Name: Jenny Chan von Meyenburg

Company: The LEGO Agency Asia, at the LEGO Group

Position: Director of the Partner & Project Management

Country: Singapore


Jenny Chan von Meyenburg is a career woman by day and loving mother of 2 young toddlers by night. With a personal mission statement of “Breaking the traditional norms”, Jenny is currently the Director of the Partner & Project Management, The LEGO Agency Asia, at the LEGO Group.

A performance-driven marketing leader, where creative big thinking, problem solving, and a systematic approach to day-to-day executions, Jenny channels her passion for translating business strategies into tangible marketing objectives aligned with a strong operational rollout. With a collaborative and versatile mindset, Jenny leads her team across both APAC and China, to ensure that creative solutions are applied to drive maximum business impact.

Jenny is also an ardent participant in leadership activations around Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion, and Women in Leadership. Her goofy-self surfaces during her downtime with family, either getting her hands dirty in pottery or out at the beach, soaking up the sangria, sun and sea.