Dan Egerton

Name: Dan Egerton

Company: Actus Consulting

Position: Founder

Country: UK


Dan has been a valued supporter and frequent speaker at Indie Summits since our early days. Most often, he has talked about the core skill of his consulting firm, Actus: providing business and growth consultancy to the owners of independent marketing and communications agencies, and other companies in the professional services sector. Recently, however, Dan has worked with a number of agencies who have taken the journey to become B Corps. The origin of the name is from the US where they are known as Benefit Corporations – companies and organisations who believe that their role goes beyond developing profits for owners and returns from shareholders, to making a contribution to society and the planet we all live on. In the last two years, the number of agencies becoming B Corps has grown exponentially. Could this be the right route for your agency? Dan will help you think this through.