Allyson Stewart-Allen

Name: Allyson Stewart-Allen

Position: Author

Country: London



An American by birth but a long-time resident of the UK, Allyson spent the early years of her career at management consulting firms PWC, PA Consulting Group and Hay.  She is also an award-winning educator creating executive leadership programs for some of the best-known Business and Marketing education providers in the western world, including London Business School, The Marketing Academy, HEC, Duke CE, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Said Business School Oxford University. Alongside these achievements (and numerous non-executive roles, she is CEO of her consulting firm International Marketing Partners.  Allyson is the author of best-selling book Working with Americans, which will be the focus of her talk: because as all agency leaders know, the US is still the richest country in the world and the source of most international business for everywhere else.