Mini Series Programme

For 2021, we’ve launched an online programme of “mini-series” of seminars,  delivered by world class consultants and designed to provide what we know independent agency people want and need now – to learn, share and network with real people who are facing the same challenges.

There are two levels of mini-series: one set for Agency Owners, CEO’s and Managing Directors, and one set for agency staff of all levels.

Each series is made up of five two-hour Zoom seminars. Five world class consultants will each lead one seminar, with a unifying theme across all sessions.

Between 10 and 20 people will participate in each series. To ensure value for everyone, each participant is encouraged to attend all five seminars.

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upcoming series

Personal branding- an effective growth strategy for you and your brand

For:  Agency leaders
When: 10th May – 17th June
Time:  13:00 – 15:00 UK on Thursdays (except Monday 10th May)
Seminars:  5

If you are an Independent Agency leader – then to a great extent, you ARE your brand. And just like your clients, you need to know what your personal brand stands for; how to project your values effectively and confidently; how to engage an audience, and talk to a camera, in a world where there are no second chances; and how to tell your own story in the way that you want it to be heard; and what to do, when things go wrong!

This series reveals:

  • How to decide and recognise what you stand for – and craft a ‘personal narrative’ to express that, authentically and convincingly
  • How to get past your own perception of you as a communicator – and learn the confidence to use the talents you have
  • Appearing on TV, or in Social media: the tips and tricks that top performers use, to ‘get it right first time’, from Fortune 500 CEO’s to popular celebrities
  • What to do when things go wrong – and turning the fast-changing nature of the digital media to your advantage
  • And finally – drawing the threads together: constructing a personal communications plan, to achieve your personal brand and business objectives

Presenters / Facilitators:

Anjali Sharma, Singapore: Managing Director, Narrative
Jon Torrens, UK: Communications Coach, former Games Designer and Stand-Up Comedian
Bill McGowan, USA: Founder and CEO, Clarity Media Group, Media Coach to celebrities and Corporate CEO’s
Sam Michelson, Israel: CEO, Five Blocks Inc
Bhavna Mistry, UK: Partner, Velvet PR

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other series

Our Spring 2021 seminar series have already begun and we are no longer selling tickets.

If you would be interested in attending these seminars at a later date, please register your interest by emailing If demand is high enough, we will re-run the series later this year.

Business Growth – for Agency CEO’s

For:  Agency leaders
When: 10th March-5th May
Time:  14:00 – 16:00 UK on Wednesdays
Seminars:  5

In the agency world, client acquisition is critical to survival. Whether or not you have a CMO or a new business manager, the Agency C-suite plays a crucial role. This series reveals:

  • How to get the attention of a prospective client’s top management
  • What client CMO’s and CCO’s like – and don’t like – about how agencies approach them
  • Differentiation throughout your agency’s customer experience – what changes will have most impact
  • A brilliant (and innovative) tactic to achieve quality time with the Client’s CEO
  • A radical but practical new approach to developing a client acquisition strategy

Presenters / Facilitators:

Philip Lancaster, UK: Board Advisor to companies large and small, former Global Business Director / Team Leader, WPP
Lindsey Slaby, USA: ‘CMO Whisperer’ and Founder of Sunday Dinner, USA
Robin Bonn, UK: Agency Growth Specialist, Marketing Week Columnist and Founder, Co:definery
Russell Goldsmith, UK: Founder, Audere Communications
Jody Sutter, USA: Owner, The Sutter Company, USA and former Business Development Director at agencies including Havas media, OMD and RG/A, USA

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Pricing, Negotiation and Profitability

For:  Agency leaders
When:  2nd March-5th May
Time:  16:00 – 18:00 UK on Tuesdays
Seminars:  5

Why do digital transformation and management consultancies typically achieve double the profit margin of leading communications agencies? It’s about more than their reputation and capabilities, it’s about how they work. This series reveals:

  • How to develop a pricing strategy that ensures all your clients deliver high profit margins
  • How to tackle the buy now, pay much later tactics of many corporate clients
  • How to create win-win agreements with Procurement (clue: it’s about how you prepare)
  • If you think like a consultancy, you will make money like a consultancy
  • Turning theory into practice: the crucial questions you should ask your CFO

Presenters / Facilitators:

Tim Williams, USA, Business Model and Pricing Strategist and Founding Partner, Ignition Consulting Group, USA
Nancy Hill, USA: Founder, The Agency Sherpa and Former President and CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies
Tina Fegent, UK: Global Leader in Marketing Procurement Consultancy, UK
Rene Fischer, Lithuania: Partner and Strategist, Synthesis Consulting Group
Raj Naveen, Dubai and USA: Management Consultant, Former CFO and CIO, IPG MENA, USA

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Increasing the Value of your Agency

For:  Agency leaders
When:  4th March-29th April
Time:  14:00 – 16:00 UK on Thursdays
Seminars:  5

Whether or not you ever want to sell your agency, you should be concerned about how much it is worth. Your future, and the future of all your co-shareholders, depends on it. This series reveals:

  • How to plan for transformational growth, rather than just incremental growth
  • Why investors increasingly look at an agency’s culture, even more than its numbers
  • Who might buy your agency why, how and most importantly, when?
  • The intersection of ‘people’ and ‘numbers’: how good is your client goodwill?
  • The practical experience of buying, selling and merging businesses, from a 3-time CEO

Presenters / Facilitators:

Dan Egerton, UK: Founding Partner, Actus Consulting
Louisa Pau, UK: Founder, Otherboard and Founder, Woolley Pau
Tony Walford, UK: Partner, Green Square Partners and Former CFO, Corporate Edge, UK
Simon Rhind-Tutt, UK: Co-Founder, Relationship Audits and Management
Elise Mitchell, USA, Founder and Principal, and 3-time Agency CEO

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Global Trends and How to Leverage Them

For:  All agency staff
When:  23rd March-18th May
Time:  15:00 – 17:00 UK on Tuesdays
Sessions:  5

As William Gibson wrote: “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” The key to any agency’s success, is their ability to provide an external perspective and stay one step ahead of their clients. Today, that means a global view on what’s happening in marketing today – and what’s going to happen next. This series will help you understand – and use that understanding in practical ways:

  • Key aspects of how consumer behaviour has changed in the pandemic – and why this change is permanent
  • New habits, fashions and smart innovation from Africa and Latin America
  • Practical guidance on how to use this knowledge to develop innovative communications and a disruptive marketing strategy in your country – with hands-on experimentation

Presenters / Facilitators:

Sean Pillot de Chenecey, UK: Researcher, Strategist, Podcaster and Author of ‘Influencers and Revolutionaries’ and ‘The New Abnormal’
Gaby Arriaga, Mexico:  Founder of Leonardo 1452, Author of ‘Near Future Thinking’
Kemdi Ebi, Nigeria: Co-Founder, Versus and Co-Founder, Enter Five
Henry Coutinho-Mason, UK: Author, “The Future Normal” and former Managing Director, Trendwatching
David Hopper, UK: Founder and Owner, H2 Partners

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Creativity 2021

For:  All agency staff
When:  3rd March – 31st March
Time:  08:00 – 10:00 UK on Wednesdays
Seminars: 5

This series is for creative people, and anyone in your agency who enjoys working with creative people. It reveals:

  • How innovation really works (yes, there is a process – but not a fixed set of rules)
  • How to develop a culture which allows people to tackle a challenge in unexpected ways
  • How a ‘big-agency’ creative director gets the best from her teams (and other agencies)
  • How to develop a culture where diversity and inclusion are opportunities, not constraints
  • How to create collaboratively, across your agency and with your clients

Presenters / Facilitators:

Yonathan Dominitz, Israel: Founder and Trainer, Mindscapes, Israel
Ian Bates, UK: Founder and Creative Partner, Firehaus
Gabriela Lungu, UK: Founder, Wings Creative Leadership Lab and Global Creative Director, VMLY&R Commerce
Ali Hanan, UK: Founder & CEO, Creative Equals
Peter Comber, Italy: Creative Strategist and CEO, Atstrat and Author, Collaborative Creativity

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Planning and Strategy: from Art to Science

For:  All agency staff
When:  dates TBC
Sessions:  5

Customer insight used to be developed from hypotheses. Ask a focus group how they would behave, if they saw this ad, or went to the store. Now it’s derived from observation: what do people actually do?  Why? and how to make them change? This series will help anyone involved with strategy and planning to understand:

  • How clients develop strategic plans, and how your people can earn a place at the table
  • The basic neurological processes which drive everyone’s behaviour and decision-making
  • How triggers, nudges and attention to detail make huge differences to a brand’s sales
  • What really happens in ‘the moment of truth’ – when the customer buys, or does not buy
  • How all this new science and data analytics is changing the role of brands – forever.

Presenters / Facilitators:

James Caig, UK: Account Planning Group
Abigail Rendin, USA: Account Director, Olson Zaltman
Phil Barden, UK: Managing Director of Decode Marketing and Author, ‘Decoded: The Science behind Why we Buy’
Joao Barbosa, Portugal: Managing Partner at Air&D
Marsha Lindsay, USA: CEO and Founder, Lindsay Foresight and Stratagem

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