thenetworkone provides leading independent agencies around the world with a “network-on-demand” at an affordable price.

Agencies can choose to be either accredited by a Senior Director or Representative of thenetworkone (which carries no charge) or, become a paid member of the world’s largest independent agencies network.

Membership provides an independent agency:

  • a global network of best-in-class partners “on-demand” across 116 countries
  • an internationally recognised accreditation guarantee by thenetworkone
  • a ‘welcome pack and guide’ to making the most of your international network
  • the chance to receive new business opportunities from other agencies or clients
  • introductions on request to appropriate and well-qualified partners
  • where appropriate, your own ‘custom-built network’ of partners in key markets
  • regular newsletters, industry commentary and original thenetworkone publications
  • invitations to regional workshop and seminars around the world.
  • a talent exchange exchange program, where agencies exchange a creative team or an account / planning combo for a short period, with a thenetworkone agency in another country. A terrific mind-broadening and motivational experience, for all concerned. 
  • professional development and leadership seminars for all levels of agency staff by accredited experts
  • discounted tickets to The Indie Summit and other third-party events.
  • one free entry for each member agency to the annual Indie Awards, plus a free invitation to the online presentation ceremony 
  • a program of free online content via opt-in emails and our website, including Webinar Wednesdays (see webinar page), thought leadership articles from world leading experts and a monthly news digest relevant to independent agency leaders
  • guaranteed fast response to requests – the same or next working day
  • support from three full-time international co-ordinators based in London
  • two senior directors on-call for more complex issues and advice
  • an annual “Town Hall” meeting, including opportunities for agency leaders to network online and discuss new and improved services. 
  • opportunity to join dedicated interest groups of independent agency leaders in specific areas (IE sustainability, automotive etc.) 
  • the cost of annual membership for 2023 is $3,500 USD or £2,950 GBP or €3,500 Euros.

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Accreditation of any agency by thenetworkone, implying an endorsement of the agency’s quality and capabilities, will be at the discretion of thenetworkone. If we decide to accredit an agency, we will not publicise that accreditation in the public domain without the agency’s agreement.

Accredited agencies may choose to become members of thenetworkone. Included in this is the agencies’ right to publicise their membership of thenetworkone and to use thenetworkone identity and materials in their own literature and presentations, for the duration of their membership.

Members agree:

  • to keep thenetworkone informed, if they commission work from, or introduce clients to, agencies recommended by thenetworkone
  • to respect thenetworkone’s right to receive commission from agencies in other countries, who we have recommended as local partners.
  • to recognise thenetworkone’s ownership of our trademark and associated materials
  • only to use thenetworkone logos and graphic materials in accordance with thenetworkone corporate identity guidelines which are supplied to all new members.

Membership may be terminated by either party at three months notice, in the event of a change of ownership or control. Membership may be terminated immediately in case of gross misconduct or bringing the name of the other party into disrepute.

Note that accreditation by thenetworkone is non-exclusive. We may accredit more than one agency in each country; and accreditation does not prevent the agency from accepting business from other sources or belonging to other international organisations.

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