Managing International Campaigns

with andrea messa, Memosurrey

  • WHERE: In person or online
  • FREQUENCY: Series
  • DURATION: 1 day
  • TYPE OF PARTICIPANTS:  Single agency
  • PRICE: $5000 USD IRL, $2500 USD online





“Whether your agency has many years of international experience – or if you are about to work on an international assignment for the first time – you will always be facing new challenges. The best way to prepare, is to learn from an expert.

Before starting his own consulting business, Andrea worked for many years with two of the world’s largest global agency networks. There is no better person to help you avoid potential problems and build long term, successful relationships across national borders.”

What will you learn

Understanding about and gaining confidence with delivering on clients’ international needs, in a way that produces high quality results, that is profitable and that builds a healthy relationship with the client. Even if you’ve never done it before.

1. General

How to be a successful leading agency

How to deal with the complexity of a multinational client

How to manage an international assignment in a cost-effective way.

2. Negotiating terms

We will look at how to:

– properly work out the Scope Of Work
– understand how to allocate the right resources for the task ahead, selecting and appointing your own team – including the team leaders
– define the best remuneration proposal, assessing internal costs and allowing flexibility for the negotiation
– work out the central contract between you and your client
– make sure the assignment is profitable, including safeguards against client “scope creep” and opportunities to gain extra revenues

Exercise: provide an example scope of work from a fictitious client.

3. On-boarding

– Building relationships with the central client and understanding their expectations and constraints
– Ground rules for contacts with client’s local management
– Selecting your local partners
– Clear division of responsibilities
– Scope of their work
– Lead contact in each local partner
– Playbook on how the account will be managed
– Kick-off meeting with your local agency partners and follow ups

4. Contracts and agreements

Responsibilities and reporting requirements
Local vs central decision making
Type of agreements with local agencies, for example: ‘master service agreement’
Local agreement to get tactical work organised, approved and paid for locally

5. Central strategy and creativity, and local implementation

Learn how to create central strategies and big ideas that can travel:

– Gathering and coordinating local insights
– Developing a strategy which understands local market needs, nuances and priorities

Learn how to produce centralized materials which can be used in other countries

Learn how to ensure consistency in the implementation across markets
Local buy-in to central strategy – building support, one step at a time

Learn how to establish a collaborative relationship with the local agencies and get the best out of it: we will look at the international assignments both from a leading agency and from a local agency point of view.

For example: instant coffee or a car. How much consistency would you expect between different countries? What work would be done centrally, and what would be best done locally?



1. Middle management, including planners and creatives
2. The Owner or CEO of the agency


andrea messa

Multi-cultural, well-travelled, passionate business executive, entrepreneur, and family man

Andrea has been leading a highly varied and successful professional life in the marketing industry.

In his last corporate role, he has been at McCann Worldgroup as Global Business Leader for Nestle’, managing 35 brands in 72 countries, with P&L responsibility for a business worth 100+ million USD.

Andrea has a remarkable experience in managing complexity across a variety of markets and starting-up operations in new markets.

During his career, he developed a deep understanding of the broad Anglo-Saxon, Latin and Arabic markets and a profound cultural sensitivity, something which proved to be vital in helping companies succeeding in the new global environment.


• MULTI-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE – a solid multi-country business management knowledge and the ability to get the best out of people across a variety of cultures.

• PROVEN TRACK RECORD IN BUILDING HEALTHY AND PROFITABLE RELATIONSHIPS WITH CLIENTS – understanding their culture, operations, processes, and complexity. Providing bespoke solutions to achieve their goals.

• BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ACUMEN – proven ability to generate constant organic growth, manage and motivate people and optimize resources to get outstanding bottom line results.

In 2014 Andrea founded MEMOSURREY a London based one-stop shop marketing and communication international consultancy. MEMOSURREY’s services include marketing strategy and implementation, support for international expansion and on the ground presence for business development.

During these years he worked for several independent agencies and networks, including NewLink Group, a Miami based communications group which needed help for their international expansion.

Recently, he consulted for THISISIDEAL Torino, contributing to winning the pitch for Alfa Romeo Europe.
He trained the central team on how to manage international campaigns and he set up the coordination process between HQ and the local countries. Andrea also expanded ThisisIdeal operations in Spain and US, opening offices for them in Madrid and NYC.

Andrea was born in Milan (Italy), where he went to University and did a Master in Marketing and Advertising. He also has a “Master in Finance & Business Administration” at the ESADE in Barcelona.

Andrea is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.



Enrique Pendavis – VP Global Communications Director – Nestle’ HQ – Switzerland
Stefano Capraro – Founder & CEO – Thisisideal Independent Agency Torino (Italy)



How to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with your client


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