Leadership coaching

with lindsay paterson, coachingconsultants

  • WHERE: Online
  • FREQUENCY: Series
  • DURATION: 90 minutes
  • TYPE OF PARTICIPANTS:  Single agency
  • NO. OF PARTICIPANTS: One to one coaching
  • PRICE: $ 4500 USD




“When we first met Lindsay, she was Global COO of one of the world’s top Public Affairs networks. We used to think that Public Affairs – often involved with influencing long term government policy changes – was one of the less interesting branches of the Communications Industry.

Lindsay soon convinced us otherwise. Years before diversity became fashionable. She explained that her team weren’t just people from the usual places – newspapers, politicians’ offices, art colleges and fancy agencies. They were just as likely to be jugglers or ballet dancers as well!

What will you learn

A typical coaching programme involves 5 x 90 minute sessions tailored to your individual challenges and development goals. Individuals will typically leave the programme with greater clarity over how to handle specific challenges and improved confidence and understanding of how to contribute best to the success of the business, while thriving in their role.

Typical challenges which are addressed in coaching include:
Established leaders
– New strategies and tactics for business growth
– Strategies for handling challenging people or situations
– Strategies for improving work/life balance and managing stress

New leaders
– Building the confidence and the skills to stop doing and start leading
– Delegating better and having challenging conversations
– Shifting the focus from deliverables to business growth
– Building the confidence to take on and enjoy business development



People who are working towards promotion into leadership roles; people who are leading teams for the first time and agency leaders who are looking for support to deal with business and personal challenges.


lindsay paterson

Lindsay is a qualified executive coach with a background in agencies and government. Before starting her own coaching business, she was the global Chief Operating Officer at a privately-owned public affairs consultancy with offices around the world. Her remit included global growth strategies, people strategy and external relationships, and she founded and grew a new digital public affairs team. She now coaches full time and specialises in supporting individuals who are moving into leadership roles, and business leaders looking for an external experienced sounding board and thinking partner.


“I had three transformative coaching sessions with Lindsay. Her ability to provide advice that was rooted in a clear understanding of my role, career stage and future ambitions was unparalleled. This meant that despite only speaking to Lindsay over the course of a 3-month period, I was able to take significant steps to reframe my thinking, focus on development areas, and build confidence.

Her experience operating at the top of the industry for many years ensures that all suggestions are practical and achievable within a short space of time. This builds the feeling of momentum required for anyone to make significant changes to their approach to work and career.” CSO, Communications Consultancy



Lindsay Paterson also runs group coaching sessions online on themes agreed with an individual agency, such as strategic thinking, challenging conversations and how to have them, new business strategies, effective leadership.


Please note

For any programs delivered in person, the provider’s travel and other ‘out of pocket’ costs will be additional to the program fee and will be advised by the program provider in advance, depending on time and distances involved. This will not apply to online programs.



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