In a rapidly changing world, thenetworkone provides independent agency Owners and Senior Directors with the opportunity to stay ahead, network, share and learn either in person or, online through regular member workshops, a global conference or, specialist publications.

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  1. Inspirational Training and Professional Development – for Independent Agencies
  2. thenetworkone Insights
  3. Thinkpieces
  4. Our plans for 2018
  5. The World’s Leading Independent Agencies 2018
  6. thenetworkone’s Cannes Review 2017
  7. Essay Collections
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  9. Social Media

1. Inspirational Training and Professional Development – for Independent Agencies

A new initiative for 2019, offered by thenetworkone

Attracting, motivating, training and retaining the best talent, is key to any agency’s success.

Better trained people stay longer, show more commitment and above all, work more efficiently and effectively – for your clients, and for your agency.

Training is not a luxury, or a perk: with the pace of change in our industry today, it is an economic imperative.

 And yet – a lot of “training” is formulaic and un-exciting. Too often, trainers are people who used to be at the cutting edge – twenty years ago. Tick the box, get the certificate, move on.

Our approach

We don’t offer “e-learning.”

We don’t offer long distance webinars.

We offer inspirational, face to face training, from people who are at the top of their profession – today.

Here’s who, so far (and there are more to come..)

Bill McGowan and Juliana Silva: Presentation and Media Interview Skills.

presentation and interview skills trainingPerfect self-presentation does not come naturally, but it can be taught. Bill and Juliana have trained almost everyone who matters: from Sheryl Sandberg, to the Kardashians


Tina Fegent and Jim Hubbard: how to negotiate with the clients you never see

Did you ever win the battle for the clients’ hearts and minds, client negotiation workshop for independent agenciesonly to lose the battle with Procurement? Tina and Jim will know why you lost, how much you lost by, and how to win the next time around.

Darren Shirlaw and Linzi Boyd: how to turn around the agency profit decline

how to profit from your independent agencyDarren is an ex-hedge fund manager, who turned his attention to agencies – and quickly saw why they don’t make money. Linzi has built and sold marketing and communications businesses herself and figured out a winning formula. Described by one agency owner as “the best workshop I have seen in twenty years.”

Sean Graham: what really works in digital video

Sean Graham digital video masterclassSean and his colleagues at CreatorUp train Google people how to use Google. And YouTube. And Facebook. And Instagram. Digital video isn’t about budgets, it’s about clear objectives and knowing what works in 60 seconds and what works in ten. It’s obvious – once you know.

Simon Rhind-Tutt: why relationship skills make the difference between success and failure

relationship skills workshop independent agenciesSimon is co-founder and CEO of the world’s top professional services relationship audit firm. Based on thousands of interviews, he has worked out when and why relationships go wrong, at all levels of seniority – and how to put things right, before your ‘happy client’ calls a review.

Andrea Messa: going global, one day at a time

Andrea has lived in four continents and ran global accounts for take your business global masterclasstwo of London’s biggest agencies. It’s not about vision: it’s about how to deliver on clients’ international needs, even if you’ve never done it before.


Tom Lewis: teaching commercial awareness, to all client-facing staff

independent agency commercial awareness workshopIf you know anyone who’s tried to apply for a law firm placement recently, you’ll know that a good grasp of classical Latin doesn’t cut it any more. What they want is commercial awareness: how and why law firms make money. Tom Lewis was CFO at the UK advertising agencies association and realised that agency staff don’t. Now he puts that right.

These are what we have ready to go. Others are in the pipeline. For more information about availability, logistics and affordable prices, contact:

Julian Boulding:


Lizzi Gold:

Official launch date: 1st January, 2019.

2. thenetworkone Insights

Our reviews on industry events, thoughts business trends and the comments on the independent agency world.

It's #NewKicks Friday! (6).png   It's #NewKicks Friday! (1).png   It's #NewKicks Friday!

We’ve also compiled a set of tips for independent agencies to make the most out of their websites – including mandatory information, technical requirements and guidelines for an international version of the website. Take a look here:

thenetworkone’s tips for youragency’s website.png

3. Thinkpieces

A selection of standout insights from independent agencies. Click on the covers to read more.

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4. Our plans for 2018

Why not join us this year at one of our events?

  • January 25: Entries open for THE INDIE AWARDS
  • February 8: IMC Conference, South Africa (networking event)
  • March 7-8: China Connect, Paris (third-party event)
  • March 9-12: SxSW, Austin, USA (networking event)
  • March 10-13: Dubai Lynx, UAE (presentation and networking event)
  • March 19-22: Advertising Week Europe, London (third-party event)
  • March 23: European Member’s Workshop “Re-ignite your Agency”, UK (workshop)
  • March 26: Entries close for THE INDIE AWARDS
  • April: The World’s Leading Independent Agencies 2018 published
  • April 8-10: 4A’s Accelerate Conference, Miami (third-party event)
  • May 17-18: The Indie Summit, UK (conference)
  • May 17: THE INDIE AWARDS & Celebration Dinner, UK (dinner and awards)
  • June 19: Cannes Independent Agencies Drinks Party, France (networking event)
  • September 12-13: DMEXCO, Cologne (third-party event)
  • September 20-22: AdBlackSea, Batumi, Georgia
  • September 23: European Member’s Workshop “Digital Video Masterclass”, UK (workshop)
  • September 26-27: Adtech London, London
  • October 2-3: IAA Global Conference, Bucharest (third-party event)
  • October 4-5: ICCO Summit, Dublin, Ireland
  • October 12 : European Member’s Workshop “Are you really hiring the right people?”, UK (workshop)
  • October 22-24: Independent PR Firms Forum/ Holmes’ Global PR Summit, Washington DC
  • November 8: Effie Congress, Frankfurt
  • November 8-10: Italians Festival, Milan, Italy

and for 2019:

  • January:  Training and professional development initiative launched
  • March 8-12:  SXSW Interactive, Austin, USA (networking event)
  • March 10-13: Dubai Lynx, Dubai, UAE (networking event and presentations)
  • March 14: IMC Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa (networking event)
  • April:  World’s Leading Independent Agencies 2019 published 
  • May 8-10:2019: The Indie Summit , Beijing, China.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • June 25:  Cannes Independent Agencies Drinks Party, France (networking event)

We will be announcing more workshops soon.

5. The World’s Leading Independent Agencies 2018

A collection of inspiring essays from 15 of the World’s leading independent agencies.  

To download the 2018 publication, please click here.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 09.01.53

6. thenetworkone’s Cannes Review 2017

Every year, Julian Boulding writes a review of the Cannes Lions Festival.

Click here to read his 2017 review! 

7. Essay Collections

Essays from independent agencies around the world by discipline or geography.

Just published, Media Essays, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 16.42.16


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.47.13   screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-17-15-51   screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-17-15-40   screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-17-15-03

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8. Workshops

thenetworkone member agencies have the opportunity to attend a series of workshops each year on subjects of interest.  These have included…


To hear from Francesco Rulli, Founder of Querlo and presenter at “Creativity in the age of A.I”, click here.

To hear from Omaid Hiwaizi, Global Head of Experience Strategy, Blippar and presenter at “Creativity in the age of A.I”, click here.

9. Social Media

Keep up to date with all our latest news, events and publications by following us on Facebook and Twitter

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