Getting to win win with Marketing Procurement

with tina fegent, Tina Fegent Ltd

  • WHERE: Online
  • FREQUENCY: Single session
  • DURATION: 2 hours
  • TYPE OF PARTICIPANTS:  Single agency
  • PRICE: $ 1500 USD





“Why do consulting firms earn higher profit margins that agencies? A major part of the answer is that they are better prepared for the inevitable negotiations with Procurement. Your clients may spend months preparing for these meetings, whereas agencies often have just a few days, especially if the negotiation comes after you just won a pitch.

But the skills the consulting forms – and your clients – have, are ones which your agency can learn too.

We are amazingly luck to have Tina in our program line-up. She practically invented the discipline of marketing procurement, working first for some of the UK’s biggest corporate, clients and then in senior roles for large networkone agencies. Now she offers her expertise as an independent – working with both sides! Although not at the same time, of course. Make sure she is on your side, the cost will pay for itself many times over.”

What will you learn

In this session, we will delve into the complex and ever-evolving world of marketing procurement, shedding light on key aspects that help bridge the gap between your agency and marketing procurement professionals.

From this session you will gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing procurement, from the agency marketplace to its pivotal role in the pitch process and beyond. These insights will hopefully empower you to navigate the complex world of marketing procurement more effectively, fostering better collaboration and achieving greater success in your marketing endeavours.

Program content:

1. Understand the current agency marketplace
2. Procurement’s roles and responsibilities
3. Key issues/topics for Procurement in dealing with internal stakeholders & agencies
4. Key issues/topics for Procurement in dealing with agencies
5. The pitch process and what role does Procurement play
6. How best to engage with Procurement before and after a pitch



New Business. Agency Owners. Senior Management. Finance. Account Management.


tina fegent

Tina was one of the first to work in Marketing Procurement 30 years ago. She established many of the 1st Marketing Procurement teams in the UK for Cellnet (Telefonica), SB (GSK) and Orange & France Telecom. From Lucozade Sports bottles to Orange Arrows Formula One Racing, there isn’t a category of marketing that she hasn’t procured.

After spending 3 years working on the other side of the fence as a Commercial Director for London advertising agencies – Grey and Lowe, in 2006 she set up Tina Fegent Consulting to offer a Marketing Procurement Consultancy service to clients.

Clients have included Ferrero, innocent, Primark, Lidl, PepsiCo, Scholl, SSE, Georgia-Pacific and Hovis.

She works at a strategic level to help identify what is required to make marketing procurement a success in an organisation. She is a mentor to many in the industry and recently appointed as a NED to a social agency in London. She chairs the Procurement Body’s Group on Marketing Procurement and does a lot of pro bono activity with both CAN and Creative Equals Business.



“Tina is friendly, collaborative, and an excellent listener. She really took the time to understand the challenges we faced as an internal creative team and helped to lead us through a successful pitch process to ensure we’ve got the right long-term agency partner. She knows EVERYONE and her network of connections in the industry allows her to efficiently navigate the market and negotiate great contracts. Her ability to collaborate and willingness to go the extra mile makes her an absolute joy to work with.”
Carol Feeley – ECD @ innocent drinks

“Tina worked with Scholl on our creative pitch for UK, Europe and Asia. She was excellent for us in giving insight into different agencies and their models, but equally as good at working with agencies to understand costs and flag up any potential issues in RFIs so they could make adjustments to keep them on track. I really value Tina’s unique expertise in both managing the process and being all over the detail with costs. With a keen wit and eye for moments to lighten the mood, she is also immensely fun to work with!”
Adrian Mooney CMO, Scholl



 A defined consulting offer, to kick in when an agency has been shortlisted in a pitch and knows it needs to negotiate terms with procurement.


Please note

For any programs delivered in person, the provider’s travel and other ‘out of pocket’ costs will be additional to the program fee and will be advised by the program provider in advance, depending on time and distances involved. This will not apply to online programs.



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