Professional Development

Welcome to our page for providers of consultancy, learning and professional development for independent agencies.

This form is for providers of these services to describe their offer in a way which can be featured on our platform created by One Earth for thenetworkone. If you are unclear what to do, please contact for advice.

Please note:

    • A “programme” may mean a single presentation, a series of presentations, interactive workshops or any variation on the above.
    • If you are offering a fixed price programme, or a programme with defined options, clients will have the opportunity to book online now. Thenetworkone will discuss this separately with you.
    • If we think anything you have written is unsuitable or could be improved, we will discuss and agree this with you. We have long experience of working with independent agencies and are here to help! thenetworkone has final discretion on all content to be published on the platform.

Please provide your main company website address
Please include international code
Please provide any social media accounts you'd like to share. For example LinkedIn, Facebook etc
Please provide a link, to a 90 second video on YouTube/ Vimeo /your site, that describe yourself, your expertise and the value of what you are offering. A selfie-type video is fine: the purpose is for people to get a sense of you and your personality, not your production skills.
Please describe the programme you are offering in a single sentence.
Please include. The type of people who would benefit – for example, “Agency Owners and Senior Directors”. The maximum number of participants in a programme. The type of agency – for example, ‘suitable for all kinds of marketing and communications agencies” or “designed for Consumer PR agencies”
What will a participant know – or be able to do, or do better – as a result of attending your programme?
How is programme offered? Online or offline? How many sessions of what length? – for example, “series of four 3-hour seminars four seminars of two hours each, one per week.”
Please add any of the following, or similar, which you intend to offer. A 30 minute conversation to answer your questions before you book. A pre-read material in advance of the programme. Video copies of all sessions provided for participants’ own use. Leave-behind summary of learnings and programme material. Opportunity to contract the course provider for consultancy services after the programme
Please state the cost you will charge including any taxes, in GBP / USD or Euros (we will convert as necessary)
Please add any permissioned quotes from people who have been through the programme.
There will be standard conditions covering data, privacy, cancellations, refunds etc. Please add any additional conditions you wish to be included.