thenetworkone is our business community. At its heart lie independent marketing and communications agencies: we have supported their values and activities for almost twenty years. Today it extends to include other independent creative professionals: freelancers, coaches and consultants, service providers and business partners for these agencies.

Independence brings self-respect, but it can be lonely. As humans, we need other people to talk to, to share experiences with, to be challenged by. We connect people in many different ways: through shared business initiatives, of course, but also through our conferences and forums, our webinars, our awards competitions, our mentoring and exchange programmes – and sometimes just because we think two people will like each other.


Our mission is to help the members of this community to work together effectively – and enjoyably;  for their own benefit and for the good of the community as a whole.


We are inspired by two core values: INDEPENDENCE and COLLABORATION. Our century’s advances in knowledge and technology make these possible, as never before. They are displacing the aspirations of previous centuries: control, dominance, imperialism, the master-slave relationship. They allow companies, communities, nations and sports teams to see each other as rivals, rather than enemies. They recognise the value of ecosystems, rather than hierarchies. They encourage self-respect and mutual respect: mirroring the natural world, despite the challenge of human consciousness.


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