Bespoke High-Impact Away-Days for Senior Leaders

with sally henderson, sally henderson ltd

  • WHERE: In person or online
  • FREQUENCY: Single session
  • DURATION: Can vary from 1 day to multi days
  • TYPE OF PARTICIPANTS:  Single agency, single agency plus clients or multiple agencies together
  • PRICE: GBP 14,500




“We work with a consultant in the USA who is unofficially known as the “CMO Whisperer.” She gathers high-level Marketing Chiefs together, or talks to them individually – pinpointing their problems, working out why they are happening, addressing the causes and leading the CMOs to realise the solutions.

We think of Sally as a “CEO Whisperer.” Whether you are an agency CEO already, or practising for the day when the big job arrives, Sally’s unique combination of scientific thought and emotional understanding of the challenges of being the person in charge, have helped an impressive list of agency leaders to move from competence, to excellence.”

What will you learn

Accelerate Team Growth and Excellence.

Working with Sally for your Away Days brings your team(s) together in a safe, structured setting, with a shared agenda to find ways to move towards a positive outcome and – crucially – to leave with an agreed action plan.

This is not ‘off the shelf’ training or facilitation.

We focus on strengthening and aligning individuals to ensure the whole room is thinking, connecting, and communicating as a team.

Using innovative tools and bespoke frameworks from The Real Method™, your high-impact Away Day(s) will be carefully structured to incorporate personal reflection, small break-out groups, and whole team learning.

In-depth pre-work give powerful insights into your business, your team dynamics and your unique challenges and objectives. That way, we are working with your authentic ‘voice’ and can engage with your team in the most beneficial way on the day.

What can you expect?

During the session(s), we move at pace; Sally reacts ‘ahead of the moment’, flexing as required to your team’s needs on the day, ensuring what happens gives everyone the best use of time, energy, emotion and investment. We will also be guaranteed a healthy dose of fun along the way!

Leaving with a shared action plan.

A team that excels. In today’s market, it’s tempting to park difficult conversations – and even harder to follow up on them. Sally’s Away Days bring teams together in a safe, structured setting, with a shared agenda to find ways to move towards a positive outcome and – crucially – to leave with an agreed action plan.

Example of key deliverables from The Real Method that can be included are:

Prime. A fresh and effective understanding of your current team dynamics, identifying core areas for improvement, with a tailored plan to achieve positive practical growth

Reveal. Science-based and quantified insight into your core motivational needs both as a senior team and individually

Stamp. Unique frameworks that equip senior teams and leaders for greater success and efficiency in their respective roles and as a senior collective

Sculpt. How to accelerate your unique leadership style and impact – as a team and individually

Strip. Uncomfortable Truths – going deeper ‘under the hood’ on your unique teams’ needs and wants to create a high-performance winning strategy for greater team and business performance



The C-suite/ core executive leadership team.


sally henderson

“I founded my global leadership mentoring practice on the fundamental belief that senior teams and leaders shouldn’t have to choose between being successful or being happy at work or in life.

As an experienced and trusted counsel, my approach is challenging, candid and caring. I equip executive teams with the practical and emotional toolkit to re-frame their mindset, giving them a clear perspective and perform even more effectively.

The results are proven and powerful.

If your executive team is ready to further accelerate its high-performance leadership, we should work together.”



“Sally supported our global executive team in what were the best away days I’ve been part of by a long way! We are a much stronger and more aligned team as a result.”
James Tait, Chief Executive Officer, UnderwiteMe

“Real honesty in the room, to be straightforward, to be frank, and that doesn’t happen in most normal business meetings, and that is leading us to make bigger conversations and better decisions.”
Neil Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Jardine Motors Group

“As a facilitator, Sally is fabulous. Really engaging, energising, and the thing I really love about her style is the directness and being willing to call things out, which is really important if you’re going to have an opportunity to have that true psychological safety.”
Clare Wright, Chief People Officer, Jardine Motors Group

“Sally is a great mentor – high energy and impact. Helped us as a team understand our own and each other’s motivations which can only help make our relationships stronger.”
Margaret Jobling, Chief Marketing Officer, Natwest Group

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Sally over the last 6 months, and she has had an enormous impact in how I understand the business we run, the team I work with, and the type of leader I am. Sally leaves no stones unturned in her pursuit of clearing your pathway and simplifying your journey. She brings incredible experience to your table, and you will find her to lead by example as an impressive leader in her own right. They say leadership is lonely – but working with Sally, you’ll find quite the opposite.”
Tim SpencerTim Spencer
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Fluency, M&C Saatchii

“She’s got a mind-blowing range of powers at her disposal and she puts them to use in a way that’s absolutely tailored to you. I loved working with her – she’s smart, fun, and takes no prisoners!”
Claire Hynes, CEO & Co-Founder, Mr. President

“I’ve been working with Sally for the last 6 months, as have other members of my leadership team. During that time I’ve made strong progress in understanding what is expected of me in my role, have seen huge leaps forward in terms of my communication skills (both written and verbal) and have gained confidence, clarity and curiosity in my every day. All this has made me a better leader. Sally has been instrumental in getting me to this stage and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”
Alistair Vince, Chief Tinkerer & CEO at Watch Me ThinkHelping organisations create, test & launch better products

“We’ve worked with Sally for some time now, both as individuals and as an agency leadership team. In that time Sally has been an invaluable mentor and change maker for our business. Sally brings insight to both personal mindset and behaviours, she also has helped forge a strong team dynamic at what has been a very testing time for the world. As a trusted advisor Sally has a smart mix of calm words and a firm hand. She also keeps long term focus balanced with short term action whilst also being there for the pressure moments when they happen. She gets the industry, she gets people and she gets the role of emotion and clear thought in decision making for business. A genuinely positive force for good and for our business. Go Sally and thank you!”
Jonny Westcar, Founder, Studio Phoenix (former CEO StormBrands)



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Please note

For any programs delivered in person, the provider’s travel and other ‘out of pocket’ costs will be additional to the program fee and will be advised by the program provider in advance, depending on time and distances involved. This will not apply to online programs.



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