Alexandre Ouairy

 Name: Alexandre Ouairy

Company: PLTFRM

Position: Founder and Director

Country: China


To know ‘what’s coming next in the world of social media, e-commerce and digital communications, we used to look to the US – Google, Facebook and Amazon. Today, we are more likely to look to China, home of Alibaba, WeChat and above all today, TikTok (Douyin in China). What’s happening in China today, will be everywhere else tomorrow.

Alexandre Ouairy is a visual artist by training. He was born and educated in France, and has lived, studied and worked in Shanghai for the last 20 years. Fully trilingual in English, French and Chinese, he co-founded the PLTFRM agency in 2012. He has led their outstanding strategic and creative work, a fusion of digital advertising and e-commerce. Today he is Chairman of the PLTFRM Group, a leading network of independent Chinese agencies.