thenetworkone:  Africa’s independent agency network

Africa is unique…

Home to 1.28 billion people from 54 countries, the continent has a hugely diverse, increasingly connected, young and urbanising population who represent a massive opportunity for international brands and their agencies.

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But Africa’s size and diversity can also be an issue for brands who are looking to work across the region, especially if their current agency network has made little investment in the ‘A’ of EMEA, or chooses to manage the continent from a ‘regional hub’ office located a 6 hour flight away from where the campaign is running.

thenetworkone is different!

We have spent years travelling across Africa, meeting local independent agencies, their owners and employees to build a network that understands how Africa works at a local level.

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Network coverage as a Percentage of Africa GDP

The gateway markets

In general, three countries (Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa), have been the primary focus of activity and investment for brands and their agencies looking to work across the continent.  Whilst these gateway markets are undoubtedly important, African business is not just restricted to them, so it’s important that any network be able to provide coverage and resources on a much larger scale – an African network-on-demand.

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thenetworkone in Africa

thenetworkone has worked across Africa for 12 years, with over 100 agencies of all disciplines now part of the African network. We produce dedicated publications and organise, sponsor and speak at Africa focused events. We help global brands find agencies in Africa, and African agencies find partners, across the continent and beyond.

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IMC: supporting Africa’s leading event

thenetworkone has been the proud sponsor of the IMC conference in Johannesburg for the past two years. We are the only independent agency network represented at the one-day conference, which welcomes over 500 delegates.

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Our Africa team

Paul Squirrell, Africa Director


Paul joined thenetworkone in 2006 after working in 3 London based agencies for several years and then founding an online client/agency intermediary service. 

Paul first visited Nigeria in 2014 and then fell in love with the continent personally visiting multiple agencies and establishing relationships in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

Paul’s goal is ambition; to establish thenetworkone as the ‘go-to’ agency network on the continent for brands looking to work with the best creative ad agency talent Africa has to offer.

Our colleagues across Africa