Adopting a Product-Based Business Model: An Introduction

with brian kessman, Lodestar Agency Consulting

  • WHERE: Online
  • FREQUENCY: Single session
  • DURATION: 60 minutes
  • TYPE OF PARTICIPANTS:  Single agency or multiple agencies together
  • PRICE: $1500 USD





“Would you buy a house – or a car – or a fine wine, without knowing how much it was going to cost? It’s not surprising that clients don’t like to buy agency services that way, either. As clients increasingly commission agencies for specific projects, rather than long term monthly retainers. They don’t enjoy staying awake at night wondering if a job will go over budget.

If you don’t have the skills to scope and price appropriately, this can be a big problem for you. But if you master the technique of ‘productising’ your work, this can be a significant competitive advantage. The big consulting firms work this way, and make double the margin that typical agencies do. Why not you?

Brian has a 20 year agency background so he talks your language and understands the challenges as well as the potential rewards. This single session introduces the way you need to think, to move into this new way of working.”

What will you learn

The business model of selling time is not sustainable. A product-based business model is the way forward for our industry. Many agencies have already moved in this direction. These future-looking agencies are packaging their intellectual capital as “solutions,” “programs,” and “products” designed to address specific problems for their prospects and clients. In doing so, their new business conversations focus on the value of their pre-packaged offerings, not the hours that go into them. They can scale revenue without increasing staff. They reduce selling and project management costs and enjoy predictable forecasting and resourcing. Most importantly, they have effectively realigned their business with their clients’ needs for stronger, reliable, long-lasting relationships.

You will learn:

1. What a “product-based” model is, and the related benefits and challenges
2. How the model simplifies your business and allows you to scale revenue
3. Many examples of agencies already using a productized model
4. Tools to begin packaging your value into a productized model
5. Ways to align team structure, processes, and how you measure success



Agency Principals, C-suite, Presidents, Managing Directors, Heads of Marketing, Business Development, and Account Services


brian kessman

Brian Kessman is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting. Brian partners with agency leadership teams to improve their firm’s financial performance and organizational health by refocusing, simplifying, and scaling their business model. He does this through positioning strategy, productization, and operating model design resulting in new business success, scalable revenue, and sustainable growth. Brian developed Lodestar’s Agency Wayfinder™ approach based on his 20+ years as a leader in brand strategy, interactive, product design, and full-service agencies across the US. He incorporates concepts and tools from Agile, Lean, and other management innovations and future-of-work movements into his approach to help agencies develop modern, value-driven offerings and operating models.



• “We’re more aligned, have clear accountability across teams, and everyone is equipped to adapt to anything the market throws at us.” — TJ M., CEO, Cramer

• “Account managers have reported that 85% of projects are moving faster than before.” — Amanda H., VP, Org Design, Signal Theory

• “The clarity and speed with which I was able to begin resolving our issues was well worth the investment.” — Scott R., Partner & Director of Client Services, Rubensteintech



• Positioning Strategy for New Business Success and as the Gateway to a Product-Based Revenue Model
• Eight Guiding Principles for a High-Performing Agency and Operating Model
• Redesigning Your Team Structure for Smarter, Leaner, “Creative Product Teams”
• Managing Engagements Without Timesheets in a Modern Revenue Model
• Tools and Techniques for Emerging Leaders to Improve Agency Performance and Organizational Health


Please note

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