22nd – 26th June 2020

Come June, most of the marketing and advertising industry gathers in the south of France to celebrate creativity and talk about the latest weird and wonderful trends and technology.

Last year, we held our inaugural Indie Forum in Cannes: two panel discussions  with agency leaders and influential figures from the creative industry, alongside our annual drinks party.

The Indie Forum was challenging, provocative, inspiring and occasionally unpredictable. A place for a new generation of creative leaders to talk openly and express thinking and ideas that may be a little less scripted and “corporate,” than what you hear elsewhere.

We can’t be in Cannes this year, but we will still run the Indie Forum- digitally. Each day, we will host an online panel discussion on a range of relevant topics to the industry right now.


Webinar: How We Won a Grand Prix
08:00 NY / 13:00 UK / 14:00 CET / 20:00 HK
Mathias Wikstrom and Johan Pihl, the creative brains behind Doconomy’s Grand Prix winning campaign in 2019 and former directors of RBK, will give a keynote presentation on how to work with clients and the value of long term strategy and planning.


Webinar: Ice Cream for Everyone
06:00 NY / 11:00 UK / 12:00 CET / 18:00 HK, 55 minutes
Willem van der Horst, an international brand strategy consultant based in Paris, will talk about playful strategy and brand purpose, and the benefits of fostering play states of mind for creativity.
Panel: Healthcare’s big reset?
08:00 NY / 13:00 UK / 14:00 CET / 20:00 HK, 55 minutes
Covid-19 has re-shaped almost every aspect of our world with the health & life sector experiencing a quantum shift in focus almost overnight.  Whilst the sector has risen to the immediate challenges that the Covid-19 crisis has presented, there are bigger more fundamental ones on the horizon as governments and everyone in the health & life ecosystem attempts to understand, define and build what will be needed in healthcare’s big reset.
In this panel, we’ll explore the issues around mass data collection for ‘track and trace’ and the possible introduction of healthcare passports.
  • Praful Akali, Founder and MD at Medulla Communications, India
  • Clare Bates, Content Director at Page & Page, UK
  • Carolyn Morgan, President at PRECISIONeffect, USA
The Independent Agency Showcase
08:00 NY / 13:00 UK / 14:00 CET / 20:00 HK, 55 minutes
Every year, we showcase some of the best and most innovative work from the top independent agencies globally. It is always inspirational and bursting with creativity- something we all need right now.

Panel: The Client Perspective
10:00 NY / 15:00 UK / 16:00 CET / 22:00 HK, 75 minutes
Rising stars in the world of marketing discuss the changing role of CMO’s – and their changing expectations of their agencies.
moderated by Stephen Maher, CEO of MBA, Chair of UK Direct Marketing Association, Chair of IPA Effectiveness Board and immediate past Chair of the Marketing Society and featuring:
  • Helene Blanchette, President, My Jane (USA)
  • Katie Dulake, GM Marketing and Communications – Mitsubishi (UK)
  • Nontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, South Africa
  • Tony Miller, Marketing Director, Weight Watchers (UK)
  • Micol Puzio 米可, Senior Marketing Resources Manager, OPPO (China)

Webinar: “If digital is now bigger than traditional advertising…why is so much of it crap?”
06:00 NY / 11:00 UK / 12:00 CET / 18:00 HK, 55 minutes
Patrick Collister, former Creative Director of Google’s Zoo and Ogilvy, will talk about why a lot of digital advertising is bad advertising, even though it has now overtaken traditional advertising in size and cash spend.