2020, a crazy year

Yes, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. We have worked hard to keep our own business busy and to help all our independent agency friends to do the same, wherever we could. 48 new members (so far), 6 new countries, 247 agencies recommended, 117 new clients introduced, 28 Covid Bulletins, 12 monthly newsletters, 10 conferences addressed, 38 webinars hosted and the first ever virtual editions of the Indie Summit and the Indie Awards.

We could not have done it without the amazing and enthusiastic support of all of you, the owners and leaders of the world’s best independent agencies. Thank you for all you have done for us, for each other – and for your clients, of course.

But now we are looking forward. We are looking at the new opportunities which 2021 will bring. New business was quiet for a few months, but since September we are busier than we have ever been.

We hope that live events and travel options will return at some point in 2021, but we are not waiting for that. We are thinking now of how we can develop our online activities further to meet the three key goals which you have all told us draws you to thenetworkone:

  • To win and manage new clients
  • To expand your horizons internationally
  • To learn, and help your colleagues, to upskill your people and improve your agency’s performance
  • To network, meet and share experiences with other independent agency leaders.

If you would like to add your input, please join us on the 16th December to share your thoughts with us, and the leaders of other independent agencies around the world.

More information here.